Monday, March 21, 2011

I am alone, and I couldn't have laughed harder

That is when you know you stumbled upon gold.
Like finding a shiny piece of natural ore in the riverbed.

This is what I read this evening, and fell in love with.

December 21, 2010

To the guy who works at the front counter of our gym:

We went to the gym 4 times last week. We only saw you once. Please do not say "I only saw you once this  week, I thought you guys were giving up already?" and then wink at us. You see, that would be like me saying "I only saw you once this week. I though you got fired. Or killed." And then not winking.

Winking doesn't take the aggressive out of passive-aggressive. Neither does writing about it on a blog that you don't read.


Thank you Kendi. I couldn't have been happier.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gracefeul Perpectives

I am without passion.


This has not always been the case. But, my life is weighed down with missing important people that are out of the state and even just down the road, mixed with working, not having down time. I realized that all of these things of Life, are not weighing me down completely, but sucking energy out of me so that I cannot create my dream art and sewing studio.

So. Passion.

passion |ˈpa sh ən|

1 strong and barely controllable emotion : a man of impetuous passion. See note at emotion .
• a state or outburst of such emotion : oratory in which he gradually works himself up into a passion.
• intense sexual love : their all-consuming passion for each other | she nurses a passion for Thomas.
• an intense desire or enthusiasm for something : the English have a passion for gardens.
• a thing arousing enthusiasm : modern furniture is a particular passion of Bill's.

If Bill's enthusiasm can be aroused by modern furniture then mine should be aroused. I am young, recently organizing my first year out of college, and I am gumption!!

So. Passion. Back to that.

How do we maintain passion? How do we get the passion we want, that doesn't involve me moving to a highly expensive apartment in downtown Boston, so I can enthusiastically decorate it with a mix of modern and antique furniture? 

I decied to start darwing again. Or at least getting somthing on paper. Sketches, images, thoughts. All of that. Something I haven't done since I started working WHILE in school.
So this will change soon.

graceful perspectives. thought on life and design.

How about it?
What say you?

Are you there?

Hmm. New goal. Get some people to say "Ha, YES! We get it!"
I'll work on that once I got the passion thing down.

Monday, March 14, 2011

New and lovely discovery

The Head and The Heart.

I stumbled upon this today.

It made me smile.

Spring is Coming

So, every year, around this time of year (Spring Break, Daylight Savings, Easter), I get the giddiness of a young girl with pigtails about the sun coming out after the long, cold, and harsh winter.

I delight when I feel the sunshine that streams in through my bedroom windows, only to shudder when I walk out into the 20 degree cold to go to work.
So, instead of trying to surpress my bitterness through clenched teeth, I have decided to embrace the next couple weeks (as the last of my cold New England winter) and focus on the beauty of spring!

Here is my inspiration for the coming month.

Photo: Real Simple Magazine

Spring Cleaning
I realized this winter that I am a Hoarder...not the Hoarder: sitting in a rocking chair barefoot eating an uncooked hotdog with no teeth, but the organized kind. That hides her addition to stuff with pretty bins and underbed storage.
This Spring, I plan to De Clutter!!
With the help of my friend Martha. Her ideas are as follow:

Look at and rate all the things in the room you are trying to de-clutter
I love it and/or absolutely need it.
I'm not sure if I love it or need it.
I don't love it or need it anymore.

This will be the foundation for emoving and keeping the things you have.
The next step is to CREATE A PLAN-to prevent more clutter and diorganization. Invest in bins-clear (to see contents) if they are going to be hidden, or cloth bins with label viewers in them! They are cute and perfect if they cannot be hidden.

Start thrwing (or preferably DONATING) the tiems you rated as #3. Then deep clean-break out the bleach, the rags, the gloves if need be! and Attack attack!!

Will I accompish this? Probably not as well as I would like.

Let me explain my Hoarder tendancies.
I like nostalgic items-that serve no purpose. I also see something that I know I may want in the furture even if I do not have sue for it now. So i get it...and store it. Hide it away in my attic or under my bed or in the hallway. So items only collect and collect and collect.

My roommates roll their eyes when I come in, out of breath from lugging a leather automan that I found on my way to work up our flight of stairs, yelling 'Look what I found!!! Ahh, I love it and had to have it, and its FREE!"

Free gets me in, it intices me and then lets me stay a while in its lair...damn.

So what I need to really do is fight off the urge to spend and collect. Maybe have a real colest would help and not just a clothing rack...hmmm.

I have some things to think about before Spring really hits.

Sweet March, Sweet Sweet Spring

For the first time-after attending/working and seeing people get engaged, one of my best friends is...

This is a completely new expereince for me.
It is so close to home, to know that I will be with my friend, wathcing her come up the aisle, instead of sending her down the aisle. To not have to move chair and light cnadles, to not serve food and drinks to her wedding guests, but have them given to me!

It is a new world, and I cannot wait.


I have my coffee from Taste (in Buffalo-it was a gift), my "healthy" cereal and fruit, and what I am thinking about is not wanting to go to work, but to sit at my computer and organize my thoughts and life and scheudle. Withe Anne's wedding, and Joe's wedding.
Goodness, what is a girl to do?

Find a dress. I think I know what dress I want...Annie, you have to approve I know, but maybe we can do a "wine" color theme for the dresses...

Vintage Wisteria or wine

With the deep oranges, maybe?

Am I planning my wedding????
Maybe, who knows when that will happen. But i love aesthetic and color.