Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh, what a world

Oh, what a world that this is.
I am hours away from completing my last exam of my college career. Then onwards to commencement.

The past two months has been colored by pop-up shops, college events, geese, weddings, coordinating, moving, portfolios, and looking ahead.

Where do I even begin?

I have a job. There's a start. As a Wedding Coordinator. A job perfectly tailored for me, the event planner extraordinaire, with the ability to bring in all my creative efforts and desire to be around people.  The Willowdale Estate is beautiful and I already love working there.

As a Gordon College student, my time here (now that it is on the road to completion) has been colored by desiring to learn how to bring my vocation and my faith into one place. How to use the skills and lessons from CCC Freshman Seminar, or Design 3, or even Management into real life. Extracarriculars such as leading Campus Events Council, working in the Barrington Art Gallery, even leading a couple backpacking trips; all of these things have completely worked themselves into my life after college.
To plan a campus wide event with a time line and schedule and 50 people to coordinate taught me how to wrangle a wedding party for their reception announcements. Organizing a vendor list and time line for a April wedding taught me how to understand and work well with a team.

I guess this epitomizes what Gordon wants to teach its students. The cross over between student and adult, between learning and acting. I must say that I have never been more excited about the prospect of using these small tidbits from chapel services or convocation in my "real" life. Real Life.