Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MY best friend

...The one that is getting married.
Also got a new apartment. And I got this lovely image of ner new foyer.

She is absolutely amazing.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

So the man in my life stunbled upon my blog the other day and said,
"C, you haven't written anything in a while."

I guess the creativity hasn't been flowing...or has it, but not onto the keyboard, pressing buttons to form witty comments and sotries about all the art and design that is inspiring me to pour, etc, etc.

I've been busy to say the least. But the conversation of creativity and bringing design to life (as in, to my life) has still be happening...sometimes to my newly painted gray wall, or the 5 year child I nanny. Even if the wall doesn't respond back, at least I am talking to it!

I don't expect it to talk back, I am not a weirdo...just a little eccentric sometimes.

All that to say, Steven, this is for you.

Current Inspiration/Obsessions:

.French-esque Living.

Epic. No words.
But I do owe the Rugby Pioneers credit for this amazing illustration.

This toy model is the same (I think) of a car that Steven and I found on the side of the road for sale.
Amazing? Yes.
Must-have? Certianly.
Will I? Writing the check now.

Pantone colors in varying yellows and greens.
Above, we have the perfect mixture. Add a polyester floral print...you're gold!

Anything with stripes.
It goes with that London, school-boy meets girl look.

The bourgeoisie meets the common gal.
(that's me!)
The solid color updates this antique to a modern and lovable reading chair.
(Or a catch-all-the-clothes-I-ripped-from-my-closet-in-search-for-my-striped-boating-tee chair)

As always, Ranunculus make their way into my life.
From the time I was 12 to now, these beauties are my favorite.
They remind me of the country-in which I never grew up in, but admired from aross the valley!

My obsession with the french style contiues to flour sack tea towels, large sunglasses, cropped black pants, and of course Champagne.

For some eraosn, all things that have been on my mind lately. I think this may call for my yearly trek to "a far of place."

Nous permettre d'aller!