Thursday, November 18, 2010

My thank you Letter to November.

Now, I am not quite so positive that I understand how weather works, what with the moon and the currents and the tilt of the Earth's axis, and the position of that one star way out in space, or what way the wind is blowing, and how that all changes the temperature.

This week is the 2 1/2 week of November...and it is 60 degrees. I went for a run and was too hot. I am now cleaning my house with no heat on and I want to turn a fan on.

How does this happen? I am beyond excited for the absolutely gorgeous day, but the cynical-used-to-be-from-Californian in me keeps projecting into the cold, hard and long winter. Images of never being warm, and having to shovel my way out of 5 feet of snow to get to my Rabbit that won't start, all the while snow is seeping into my boots and my socks are soaking.

They are horrible images indeed!
So when is that coming? Is this November weather telling me "Don't fret little Californian. I won't let you suffer this year like last."

Thank you November. I appreciate it.
Here's to you.

Dear November,

You have treated me well. I must say. What is different this year from last? Are you finally seeing the folly of your fally ways?
If so, then many thanks to you. My hats are off, my gloves are off (in the most non-threatening way possible, of course) and I curtsy. To the temperature that is no longer fall or winter, but spring! I know that you have to make way for December soon, however, you are lovely now.
Thank you for shortening the horrible images that come to mind of the bitter cold. Thank you for shortening the lenght of a desolate winter.
Thank yo November.
And I can't forget! Thank you for Thanksgiving and food and the sun.
You are too good this year.

Lots of good feelings,