Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life as a Coordinator

I just wanted to say that every so often i get a gem. A gem Bride and Groom, who love and adore each other. Those are the work weddings that aren't so much work and more so fun and exciting.

This weekend was such.

Two lovely couples with lovely guests and lovely weddings. I had fun connecting and dancing (behind the scenes of course) and supporting these couples in their wedding adventures. Sounds cheesy, but the stories of these couples are phenominal. Their meeting and growing together. Through job changes, moves, death, and life after college.

These are the ones that make my job worth it.
I know I don;t give too much information about my job, but I am a wedding coordinator. Really my blog shouldn;t be desing it should be something like: The Advetures of a Liaison.
Or "Secret Life of the Coordinator" Whatever it is going to be called, that is what i do. I plan and coordinate two weddings every weekend, working with brides and grooms and parents, to ensure that their special day goes smooth and is well...coordinated.

I don't always have images, but soon I will start posting what I do. The set-ups that i create, the weddings themselves. If ideas are needed, etc.

Congrats Gina and Pete

Thursday, September 2, 2010

An at Home Wedding Continued

Here are a plethora of images from the June 12th wedding of Jon and Shaylah.

Tables set up with bud vases and vintage, collected table-clothes.

"Play with me, Sing with me, Eat with me."

Heather's hand-made lens. Don't know how she did it, but it looks so dreamy.

The mass, the day after.

My sister is engaged. And now I have been inlisted to help her with her plans.

Meadow wedding with tent in a field in the valleys of the Aidirondaks.
I am thinking twigs and bark with wildflowers as center pieces. Sage and Red Orange colors. Ribbons on wooden chairs. And birch bark.

I love my job.