Monday, March 14, 2011

Sweet March, Sweet Sweet Spring

For the first time-after attending/working and seeing people get engaged, one of my best friends is...

This is a completely new expereince for me.
It is so close to home, to know that I will be with my friend, wathcing her come up the aisle, instead of sending her down the aisle. To not have to move chair and light cnadles, to not serve food and drinks to her wedding guests, but have them given to me!

It is a new world, and I cannot wait.


I have my coffee from Taste (in Buffalo-it was a gift), my "healthy" cereal and fruit, and what I am thinking about is not wanting to go to work, but to sit at my computer and organize my thoughts and life and scheudle. Withe Anne's wedding, and Joe's wedding.
Goodness, what is a girl to do?

Find a dress. I think I know what dress I want...Annie, you have to approve I know, but maybe we can do a "wine" color theme for the dresses...

Vintage Wisteria or wine

With the deep oranges, maybe?

Am I planning my wedding????
Maybe, who knows when that will happen. But i love aesthetic and color.

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