Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When the trees meet the sky.

Printmaking continued.

These are examples of Intaglio printing, using engraving marks to dig into plexiglass. Ink is then rubbed and brushed into the marks, and pressed into soaked paper so the fibers lift the ink out of the marks. A very much involved process, but extremely rewarding!

"Childhood II"
Intaglio with Chine Colle

based off the poem by Wislawa Szymborska

Monday, February 22, 2010

Printmaking, a passion

Printmaking became a passion of mine. Recently, so recently in fact that I won't even consider myself a print-maker, oh but how I wish I were!
Here are some of the works that I did this past fall. Anyone know of any classes offered on the subject? I would love to learn learn learn. I also want to build my own studio. That is a far off dream, but a dream nonetheless.

Color linoleum key block 

color linoleum reduction

wood block

More to come.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Photography Work with Redeem&Record

In the fall, I had the pleasure of photographing a friend who set out to create a podcast and blog featuring interviews with songwriters at Gordon College.
He successfully did both, with now more than ten interviews and live recordings, Tony Papia has provided a space for student musicians to talk about and play their music.
It has created a buzz around campus, allowing the student body to see who is writing and seeking music out.
As a student myself, the music scene is one that has been covered and thought to be dead, but many thanks to the writers coming out hiding with the help of Tony and Redeem. I have heard such a cropping of talented kids and hope to keep listening to them!

Visit Redeem&Record here. Join the conversation.

He chose a lovely image of him playing the guitar.
Currently used as the album cover for the iTunes U podcast