Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th Birthday

I work at Willowdale Estate.
I know I have said that before, since it has to do with Weddings and such, but today, YES FOLKS, TODAY is Willowdale's 4th Birthday!

A grand day indeed.
One to kick off, with Cupcakes! Made by our delightful and inspiriong owner, Briar Rose!

Red Velvet with Cream Cheese frosting. The only way it can go.

Taken by Sarah Kirkland...err Bouchard! (Newly wed)

Other birthdays this month include many a famous people, some friends, that one guy in Starbucks this morning. You know. So let us Celebrate!! July! America's Birthday! Jon Misarski's birthday! Willowdale!

Can I get a whoop whoop?

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