Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where in the world have I gone to

I am absent. From anything not associated with work or with being outside. So please forgive me for not including you in my endeavors.

The summer is underway. The wedding season is underway, well underway.
With two weddings a weekend, I am starting to broaden my creative abilities, from design and art, to displays and production.

I have also grown a new interest in decorating. Homes, rooms, wedding parties, tables for dinner. Anything. Housewares, home goods, lamps, banners, fabric. a new love. My new(ish) apartment has helped this love grow and grow.

Nesting I like to call it. Hoarding, others call it. If I am a nester or a hoarder, something about settling is so appealing to me. To find my place, and walk around it multiple times like my giant puppy back home, to create my bed, my comfort, all things that I am learning to do on my own. As an individual, as an adult, responsible to work and to my friends but most importantly, responsible to care for myself.

I have been working on my space in my apartment every day. I little here, a little there. Granted, I live with three other girls with very different style than me, but we have learned to fit it together to create a welcoming and unique place to rest and sit. I love it when someone walks into our custom painted living room and just breathes deeply.

My goal: to breathe deeply. To show others how to breathe deeply.

The most sunshine-y yellow kitchen

Our reading nook
 My safe haven
Regularity. My other goal

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