Monday, February 15, 2010

Photography Work with Redeem&Record

In the fall, I had the pleasure of photographing a friend who set out to create a podcast and blog featuring interviews with songwriters at Gordon College.
He successfully did both, with now more than ten interviews and live recordings, Tony Papia has provided a space for student musicians to talk about and play their music.
It has created a buzz around campus, allowing the student body to see who is writing and seeking music out.
As a student myself, the music scene is one that has been covered and thought to be dead, but many thanks to the writers coming out hiding with the help of Tony and Redeem. I have heard such a cropping of talented kids and hope to keep listening to them!

Visit Redeem&Record here. Join the conversation.

He chose a lovely image of him playing the guitar.
Currently used as the album cover for the iTunes U podcast

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