Sunday, October 25, 2009

Where to go from here...

Its been an interesting week. And I am still learning how to juggle all those beautiful little deatils of the human life-without dropping half of them.
Which means that I am still dropping some, but not as many as I used to.

Being a college student-in her last year of school-was never something that I thought would be as exhausting as it has been. I thought: oh Senior year...easy. Almost done, almost out of here.
I was slightly off in that perspective. But it is encouraging, even if it is harder than I had expected.

I am starting to wonder about where I want my design and art to a more serious level than I did three years ago. And the design projects that I have posted of different wedding invitations are a track that I am seriously in love with and want to pursue. do I do it? Should I sell myself to every bride I meet on the street? Maybe the beginning stages of work are centered around the shameless selling...

Oh please, oh please, spread the word.

A church

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  1. You should submit stuff to wedding magazines, etc. shmooze it up! also darling girl, I thought my senior year was exhausting, and I'm pretty sure you have twice as much going on as I do. And you are doing an amazing job of everything! Soak it up, enjoy it.