Sunday, October 18, 2009

More design

I realized that I haven't been good at posting my designs, which was the point of me starting a blog.
I love designing, anything that involves creating, I can't get enough of.

here are some of my older pieces.

I silkscreen teal linen with two colored ink, then upholstered the cushion.
What a lovely stool. 

This pillow is sitting in my living room at the moment.
Hand sewn and printed, 18"x18"

This chair was one of the first that I created, after teaching myself how to silkscreen.
It is being used at my kitchen table, but I repainted the pink wood with a darker glossy brown color.
Updated image below:

I love furniture. I love found furniture. All the pieces that I have re-upholstered I found around the streets of new York City. I think that found art and pieces can add such a unique flair to our lives.
That's me though.

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