Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Continuing into a Vocation

I met a photographer team tonight.
Guest lecturers for my senior seminar class called Art And Vocation.

Teach me, teach me about a vocation including my passions!

The husband-wife team were amazing to hear from: insights and tools for the artist in the marketplace.
And since I am an artist, trying to enter the marketplace of desing-hey! What do you know? They offered me some good tips.

Check them out. They take Beauitful wedding and portrait photos!
Sherrell Photography

The passion that came from Tabitha and Larry was encouraging. I love to see artists who care more about he energy and the love of what they do before the business end, before the money handling and the arrogance.

I desire to get to know the unique individuals that I design something for. That I create for.

I desire to create.

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